What is it?

ecoMetals Sales System is free to join and requires no technical knowledge to setup or operate. We provide you with innovative tool to make it simple and easy to earn money.

The system allows you to monitor every project in your sales network. Thanks to it you have access to all information, such as project prices, statuses, and sales commissions. With the ecoMetals Sales System you can effortlessly supervise the progress of your network growth.

Our website and product will do the selling for you. All we need are just referrals. We’re sure you know people who could benefit from ecoMetals Roofing System and help you make money.

Reasons to join

ecoMetals Sales System

It's Free to Join

The registration process is free, quick and easy. You can start your ecoMetals business immediately.

It’s Easy

When you join, you'll receive a unique referral link. Just email your link to customers, partners and associates who might benefit from the ecoMetals Roofing System. We handle the quote, order, shipment, and billing process. All you do is place the link or banner and make money!

Be Rewarded for Life

As long as your keep your network, you continue earning. Build up a large pool of associates and earn an endless income.

Monthly Payout

You will receive your payment every 30 days. No long waiting. Your commission is paid by PayPal, or if you prefer we can send you a check.

Marketing Support

We give you the tools to become more successful, including: sample wording for informal emails to customers and associates, advertising copies for your newsletter, banner ads for your website or blog, and product samples.

Monitor Your Success

You can log in and instantly view reports showing how your network grows and how much you earn. Your sales network works on ``auto-pilot`` in the background, earning you lifetime streams of income.

Our success as a company depends on the strength of our team. We work closely with our partners to build an innovative, creative and rewarding sales system.

Promote yourself

Suggested ways of promoting ecoMetals Sales System:

  • Place our banner with your referral link on your websites or blogs
  • Place your referral link in your e-mail signature
  • Place your referral link in forum signatures
  • Inform your customers, partners and friends about our program and give them your referral link
  • Write a review about our program and include your referral link at the end

Join ecoMetals Sales System

and start earning money for every sale send our way from your network!


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